Kristinehamns Konstmuseum

“Create Space For”, tempera and ink on wood, 122×122 cm


Undertaking the task to describe the practice of Susann Brännström is difficult — since her work functions as a documentation of the process of what cannot be described in words. Looking at a body of work that has been continually evolving over more than three decades — one can clearly see her painting is mirroring a very solid and experienced art practice. Carefully implemented aesthetics and skilful compositional decisions have laid a stable ground for a rich archive of idioms. With that as a solid base, the painting embodies a curious enthusiasm and a constant hunger for development and self-renewal. She underlines: “The importance to always search for a new path — a space where I can formulate what I already do not know — in order to make it possible to address new problematics in every new work.” Brännström’s painting is searching to find that very precarious balance, where the vigorous artistic language deliberately neutralizes our perspicuous associations. To find a generous space where the work no longer directs the spectator — but the spectator has to direct their own narration within the work.